Custom CNC Machining

CNC machining in wood, plastics, composites. Rapid turnaround on sample and prototype requests.

Custom machined sight glass replacements for inspection/processing equipment machined to match customer sample

Sample prototype of terrestrial map encompassing the greater Kanawah Valley in WV harvested and processed Black Walnut. Showing downtown Charleston and the confluence of the Elk and Kanawah River. The terrain map encompasses Kanawah City out to South Charleston.

Custom wall panels to look like drapery in a small theater

Custom Styles & Applications

Our CNC machining services enable you to create your application using whichever material you desire. From wood, aluminum, acrylics, foam, paper and much more we can work with applications up 12 inches thick, 60 inches wide and infinite length capacity.

Absolutely Anything is Possible…

Approached by an interior designer we worked to come up with a process to  supply custom 3-D ribbon panels which could be installed like tile and back-lit for a stunning interior lobby accent.

Unique Material Applications

One-of-a-kind 3D texture panels for decorative use as well as sound attenuation. Integrate a mixture of custom designed materials for both frameless and face frame cabinet construction or wall treatments to create a unique look for any application.

Materials Simulation

Texture and color can bring inexpensive materials to another level

Prototyping, Custom Mold Making, 3-D Topo Elevations, and More

60″ x 100″ single setup 3-D machining in many substrates. Foam, wood, acrylic, solid surface, foam core, paper, plastics, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, you name it.

Let’s Talk.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround. If you would like to have a project quoted please send us a note and we’ll follow-up to discuss the details. Thanks. Bolton Design Build