Recent Work

Approached by a local interior designer years prior to the project, we were asked if we could produce some 3D panels for a potential project. We supplied full scale samples within days of the request. After a long period the project came back to life and we supplied 170+ custom pressed 3D panels for this 16′ x 28′ back-lit feature wall.

In conjunction with the panels, coordinating with the contractor on-site, we CNC machined the rear support structure incorporating Fastmount fasteners, completely shop fabricated, for the contractor to install. Each individual panel can be clipped in/out as needed. Shipped complete and shop finished with 8 colors of industrial Low/No VOC HAPS Free pigmented finish. Contractors clipped up the entire wall in less than a day.

New Construction – Two Story Commercial Bank Interior – Solid West Virginia Cherry Throughout.

We supplied all solid wood pre-finished and all sub assemblies which could be shop-built were shipped complete for installation. Teller line and cabinetry by others however columns and all panels, trim, windows, and wainscotting supplied by us.

**All interior windows shipped prefabricated complete with tempered glass installed, pre-finished, and pre-cased one side with loose trim for second side installation in the field.**

All exterior and interior door and window trims were prefabricated and finished in-house and shipped with window sills haunched and returns installed and finished on horns for speedy field installation.