Odd Balls and One-Of’s

We enjoy the odd request and a change of pace when someone approaches us with a very unique opportunity and the chance to do some different work.

An avid outdoorsman, a customer wanted a unique balustrade in a large great room addition. We fabricated a custom Beech and Black walnut staircase and balustrade incorporating approximately 30 various caliber rifle barrel blanks each nested in a Black Walnut housing at the base and 316 stainless steel pins pressed into the breach ends of the barrel blanks which were then doweled into the handrail.

New construction of a local fire station requested a very odd 36″ x 36″ solid brass floor medallion for their entry. To be laid in a ceramic tile field, we supplied a plug with fasteners to be embedded in the concrete and tiled/grouted. Once complete the plug was removed and brass medallion installed. The sheet of 1/4″ thick C260 cartridge brass was machined and resin filled with red. Four 1/2″ solid brass flat head machine screws anchor the medalion in place in the corners.

Customer requests for a small Aluminum office door sign. Machined out of 6061 Aluminum with small Aluminum pins supporting the floating sections of the text.